Seating Plan


For queries about seating in our comedy club, festival suite for the High Jinx and Mark James show - we have written a separate guide - LINK

Generally, we operate with the same seating plan in our main 'theatre' -which is a cabaret seating layout with different sized tables to suit most party sizes.

Over the years we have observed that the majority of customers want their own tables, however, it is hard to call how many groups and smaller parties we may have for each performance so we have a general mix of tables throughout the room using data from our shows to provide different party sizes with their own tables.

We operate the venue in sections usually, with 'Premier', 'Standard, 'Bar' and 'Tall Table' sections. These usually have different ticket prices according to popularity/demand - with 'Premier' seating having extra cushioning chairs to provide a more comfortable showtime experience.

Here's the view from each seating area:-


This seating has additional cushioning for comfort and is our selection of the best seats in the house. They're right at the front of the room, as well as the centre viewing for the best view of the stage. They are our most popular seating selection


These seats are still mostly in fairly close proximity to the stage, but more of a side view or towards the centre/back of the room.


These are situated around the outskirts of the room, but they are taller tables / stools so you are elevated and can see 'over' the top of the rest of the audience. The stools are cushioned with a back so are comfortable to sit on and the tables have plenty of room on which to place food and drinks.


For 'Best Seating' ticket purchases, our box office team will allocate the seats on the day that your tickets are bought - so you will get the best seats from what is available at the time from the area of the room you prefer.

Some show seating layouts do differ, with theatre seating (in rows)

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